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@bbatsov bbatsov released this Sep 29, 2021 · 41 commits to master since this release

New features

Bug fixes

  • #10110: Update Layout/DotPosition to be able to handle heredocs. (@dvandersluis)
  • #10134: Update Style/MutableConstant to not consider multiline uninterpolated strings as unfrozen in ruby 3.0. (@dvandersluis)
  • #10124: Fix Layout/RedundantLineBreak adding extra space within method chains. (@dvandersluis)
  • #10118: Fix crash with Style/RedundantSort when the block doesn't only contain a single send node. (@dvandersluis)
  • #10135: Fix Style/WordArray to exclude files in --auto-gen-config when percent style is given but brackets are required. (@dvandersluis)
  • #10090: Fix a false negative for Style/ArgumentsForwarding when using only kwrest arg. (@koic)
  • #10099: UpdateStyle/RedundantFreeze to stop considering ENV values as immutable. (@byroot)
  • #10078: Fix Layout/LineLength reported length when ignoring directive comments. (@dvandersluis)
  • #9934: Fix configuration loading to not raise an error for an obsolete ruby version that is subsequently overridden. (@dvandersluis)
  • #10136: Update Lint/AssignmentInCondition to not consider assignments within blocks in conditions. (@dvandersluis)
  • #9588: Fix causing a variable to be shadowed from outside the rescue block in the logic of Naming/RescuedExceptionsVariableName. (@lilisako)
  • #10096: Fix Lint/AmbiguousOperatorPrecedence with and/or operators. (@dvandersluis)
  • #10106: Fix Style/RedundantSelf for pattern matching. (@dvandersluis)
  • #10066: Fix how MinDigits is calculated for Style/NumericLiterals when generating a configuration file. (@dvandersluis)


  • #10088: Update Lint/BooleanSymbol to be SafeAutoCorrect: false rather than Safe: false. (@dvandersluis)
  • #10122: Update Style/RedundantSort to be unsafe, and revert the special case for size from #10061. (@dvandersluis)
  • #10130: Update Lint/ElseLayout to be able to handle an else with only a single line. (@dvandersluis)
  • #8431: Add Safety section to documentation for all cops that are Safe: false or SafeAutoCorrect: false. (@dvandersluis)
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