A simple IRB application for JRuby on Android
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The simplest way to get started with ruboto-irb is to install a prebuilt binary package. These packages can be found at https://github.com/ruboto/ruboto-irb/tree/master/dist.

If you'd like more control over the build and installation process, you can do it manually using the following instructions.

###Customize the local.properties file

Copy local.properties.EXAMPLE to local.properties and edit local.properties to specify the SDK's location on your system. For example:

 $ cp local.properties.EXAMPLE local.properties
 $ vi local.properties
 # In the editor, change the sdk.dir to point to the correct directory.

(The vi command in this and other sample command lines can be replaced with any editor command, such as nano or mate.)

###Override default memory settings (SDK Version 4 only):

If you are using API SDK version 4 (or earlier?), you'll probably need to override the low default memory setting for that platform (more recent SDKs default to 1024 MB and generally do not need to be changed). To do this:

 $ vi $ANDROID_SDK_PATH/platforms/android-4/tools/dx
 # *$ANDROID_SDK_PATH* should point to, or be replaced by, the root of your Android SDK directory tree. 
 # Uncomment the line starting with *javaOpts* and set it to 1024 MB, or higher, if necessary, e.g:
 # javaOpts="-Xmx1024M"

###Update the project:

 android update project -n rubuto-irb --path . --subprojects 

###Build and install the project:

To build the debug version, issue the command:

 $ ant debug     # build package

To both build the debug version and install it on the currently selected target device or emulator, do this:

 $ ant debug install   # build and install package

If you'd like control of the install at a lower level, you can use adb:

 $ adb -[e|d] install -r bin/IRB-debug.apk # manual install (emulator, device)

NOTE: To install it to an emulator image, you need to have the emulator running.


You can also check out the JRuby on Android Google group for more information.

That's it! Have fun!


Ruboto-IRB screenshot


Ruby Icon obtained from Ruby Visual Identity Team, CC ShareAlike 2.5. Editor/script support from Pascal Chatterjee's jruby-for-android project, adapted by Scott Moyer.