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View constant conversion errors aren't very clear #252

baroquebobcat opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Nick Howard Uwe Kubosch
Nick Howard

When you attempt to use a symbol for a view value, and there isn't a constant it maps to, you get an error with a message like cannot convert instance of class org.jruby.RubySymbol to int from the ruboto/widgets.rb file. It'd be nice if the error was more specific. eg :match_parent doesn't have a corresponding View constant, maybe directing people to the docs for ViewGroup.LayoutParams and Gravity as those are where the constants are converted from.

I ran into this because the default generated activity is not android-7 compatible as it uses :match_parent which was introduced in android-8.

Uwe Kubosch donv was assigned
Uwe Kubosch

Hi @baroquebobcat !

Sorry for the late response. I'll take a look at improving the error message to something more helpful.

Not so good that our activity template fails on android-7, but is android-7 an interesting target anymore?

Uwe Kubosch

Revisiting this now.

Uwe Kubosch donv referenced this issue from a commit
Uwe Kubosch donv * Issue #252 View constant conversion errors aren't very clear
* Added a hopefully better error message when a constant is not found.
Uwe Kubosch

Hi @baroquebobcat !

Does this look better? The error message has been changes like you requested.

Uwe Kubosch donv closed this
Nick Howard
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