Two issues fixed: ruby 1.9 compatibility fix and gemspecs failed to require files. #213

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jeremyd commented Jul 15, 2012

These small fixes enable me to build ruboto using Ruby 1.9. I've seen others hit the same issue in irc.


donv commented Jul 15, 2012

Hi @jeremyd !

Thanks for the patch! I am starting work on getting it merged.

Can you tell me which tests failed before your fix? I have not tested with Ruby 1.9 myself. I will probably add tests configurations for Ruby 1.9 at in the future.

Also, I think adding a specific check for Ruby 1.9.1 will get cluttered when we later add more cases. I think you can just replace 1.8/1.9.1 with an asterisk (*). That will catch the JRuby 1.7 variant "shared" as well. Can you change that?

jeremyd commented Jul 16, 2012

It failed when running rake gem to build the ruboto gem. "rake gem". I'll see if I can find a solution that covers all rubies.


donv commented Jul 23, 2012

I have started testing with multiple Rubies at As soon as the tests are running reliably, I'll merge and verify your changes.


donv commented Jul 24, 2012

@jeremyd could you pull the latest changes form master and refresh your pull request so it can be merged automatically?

@ghost ghost assigned donv Jul 25, 2012


donv commented Jul 25, 2012

@jeremyd I added all your changes to master. Check it out!

@donv donv closed this Jul 25, 2012


donv commented Aug 2, 2012

@jeremyd thanks for your contribution. Would you like to join the Ruboto project? Commit rights and glory await you!

Sure! :) How do I join the project more than already?

jeremyd commented Aug 3, 2012

Sure! :) How do I join the project more than already? (wrong account in previous comment)

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