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We need more people to contribute to our project!

All are welcome with whatever you can do. If you want to help out, open an issue in the issue tracker with the title How can I help?

We have a few guidelines we work by:

  • Guidelines
    • Two pair of eyes on every commit. Use Pull Requests to get a review of your change before merging. Owners may merge their changes after a 24 hour waiting period if nobody responds to the merge request.
    • Tests should work on every commit to master.
    • Experiments should be done on a fork or topic branch.
    • Invite contributions by fork/pull requests
    • We admit new committers by the "first patch" principle where we are very strict on the first patch we accept: Code style/formatting and tests.
    • Give generous access by adding new committers to the relevant GitHub Team.
  • Testing Ruboto
  • Release Process
  • Writing documentation
  • Ruboto Startup - A description of the most common startup use case: Starting the initial Activity.
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