Creating Your First Ruboto Application

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Creating Your First Ruboto Application

Generate it

ruboto gen app --package org.ruboto.example.quick_start

Your project is created in the quick_start directory below your current directory.

cd quick_start

Edit the main activity

The Ruby script powering the main Activity will be in your project at src/quick_start_activity.rb. Open that file in your favorite text editor and make it do whatever you want. The README has a good rundown of how the scripts work, including links to examples.

Build an .apk

When you're ready to install it on your device/emulator, run


to generate an apk at bin/QuickStart-debug.apk.

Install the .apk

The easiest way is to run

adb install -r bin/QuickStart-debug.apk

when your emulator is running/device is connected. The two preceeding actions are combined in a single rake task:

rake install

and we can even automatically start the app for you:

rake install start

If you want the application completely reinstalled use:

rake reinstall

Run the .apk

You should click the ruboto icon to download the ruboto core apk to let the sample run.

Updating scripts in development

When you only have changes in the Ruby source, you do not need to build and install the complete application. The requirement is one of:

  • run on an emulator
  • have root access to your device
  • have an sdcard in your device and give the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to your application

To only update the Ruby scripts use

rake update_scripts

To push scripts and restart the app run

rake update_scripts:restart

This will also detect if the app is installed and will install it if it is missing. The app will also be automatically rebuilt and installed if the Gemfile has been added or touched.

Other install options

If you're using a device, you have other good options. You can copy the apk into your Dropbox folder, open the Dropbox app on your device, and open the apk, which will initiate the install process. You can also upload it to a GitHub repository's downloads section, which now gives QR's for .apk files. Just scan the QR with the barcode scanner app on your phone.

You also have the option to mount your SD card as a drive on you machine, copy the apk to the drive, unmount the disk and use AppInstaller (free app) to install the apk.


For each component of your app that you generate using the "ruboto" command, a test is also generated. You run the tests with

rake test

If your app is already installed, and you only have Ruby script changes, you can run the tests with

rake test:quick

More info

For more information, see the README

For the file generated, please visit QuickStart Ruboto Project. Note: This project is out of date.

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