Developing on the device using AIDE

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AIDE is an IDE by appfour that runs on Android. It allows you to create, edit, compile, and install apps right on your Android device. There is a free version of AIDE, and you can purchase a premium key around $10. There are several important differences between the free version and the premium version, but the the most important one is the size of the project. The free version is limited to 4 or fewer java files.

AIDE and Ruboto

appfour has no specific connection to the Ruboto Community. But, Ruboto generates Android apps, and AIDE can be used to develop those app on your device. You'll need the AIDE premium key for Ruboto apps due to the number of java files generated (twelve minimum).

Why use AIDE?

Ruboto IRB already allow you to develop on your Android device, so what does AIDE add. Ruboto IRB simply can't give you access to aspects of Android apps that have to be specified at compile time. These things include:

  • Resources
  • Custom Java components
  • Manifest settings

Yes, you could do all of these things with your development machine attached to your Android device, but that option is not always convenient.

How it works

  1. Generate a Ruboto app: Currently this must be done on your development machine. In the future, we may provide the ability to generate Ruboto components into an project created by AIDE.
  2. Get your Ruboto app to your device: You can do this in multiple ways (e.g., through adb or a file manager), but AIDE can use two methods that allow you to keep your project in sync with other machines. The first way is Dropbox. AIDE can pull a project from your Dropbox account and synch changes to and from AIDE. The second way is Github. AIDE can clone a Github repository and push and pull changes with Github.
  3. Compile, Edit, Compile

Use Ruboto Core

If you want to develop your Ruboto app using AIDE, you'll want to use the shared Ruboto Core for accessing JRuby. Currently, most devices do not have enough memory to compile an app with JRuby included. You can always add JRuby back into your project before you build your release version.

AIDE with Ruboto IRB

Ruboto IRB is still faster for tweaking your Ruby code because you do not have to compile and install an APK to run your code. If you need to do some development in Ruboto IRB, create a small script to copy your script changes to and from your AIDE project when necessary.


To try out an AIDE Ruboto project, clone the repository for Ruboto IRB. You can then use this project to develop within your own custom IRB. Note: If you have a problem installing your custom IRB build, make sure you've uninstalled the old Ruboto IRB before building your AIDE IRB version. AIDE will use a debug key to sign your app. The debug key is not compatible with the production key used to sign app in the Play Store.

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