Example: Make a phone call

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Example: Make a phone call

Our goal

Make a phone call.


This tutorial has been tested with the following setups

Platform JDK ant Ruby ruboto jruby-jars Device API level Tester
OS X 10.8.0 1.6.0_33 1.8.2 MRI 1.8.7 0.8.0 HTC Desire HD android-10 donv

Generate, install, and start your app

ruboto gen app --package org.ruboto.examples.ruboto_phone_home
cd ruboto_phone_home
rake install start

You should see an application called "Ruboto Phone Home" in your application list on the device. You should eventually get "What hath Matz wrought?" and a button. Clicking the button displays a short notification (toast) "Flipped a bit via butterfly".

A fresh app

Request phone call permission

Add the following permissions to AndroidManifest.xml just below the uses-sdk tag.

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CALL_PHONE" />

Make the call

Edit the file src/ruboto_phone_home_activity.rb to this:

import "android.content.Intent"
import "android.net.Uri"

class RubotoPhoneHomeActivity
  def on_create(bundle)

  def on_resume
    intent = Intent.new(Intent::ACTION_CALL)

Update and start the app

rake install start

After the app has started, it should display the phone app and make a call to the given number. The call should abort after a couple of seconds if the given number is invalid.

Ruboto Home Page

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