Ruboto 0.6.0 release doc

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New in version 0.6.0:


  • Issue #143 Move Ruboto Rake tasks to rakelib/ruboto.rake and let Rakefile be project specific
  • Issue #155 Switch default compatibility level to Ruby 1.9
  • Issue #156 Set default target to Android 2.2 api level 8
  • Issue #158 On-device generation of Java subclasses
  • Issue #168 Make exception from scripts propagate to the caller for debug packages
  • Issue #169 Enable running tests not on UI thread.


  • Issue #172 ruboto update of BroadcastReceiver adds new_with_callbacks call even if it exists


  • Issue #152 Ruboto release 0.5.3 build tool fails
  • Issue #160 Failed to create new project
  • Issue #161 More helpful error reporting in app creation process


  • Issue #159 non constant values

You can find a complete list of issues here:

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