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Testing ruboto

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Whenever you make changes, before you commit, run the test suite:

rake test

You can add your own tests in the test directory. Name your runnable test files xxx_test.rb


Jenkins and other CI setups need a bit more setup. To run the tests in the same way they are run on the ci server use


Running a single test file

If you would like to save time and run just one test file, just run it.

ruby test/ruboto_gen_test.rb

Running a single test

If you would like to save even more time and run just one test, run the test file with the -noption:

ruby test/ruboto_gen_test.rb -n test_activity_tests

Running a single activity test

If you would like to save an incredible amount of time and run just one activity test, run the test file with the -noption and the ACTIVITY_TEST_PATTERN:

ACTIVITY_TEST_PATTERN=subclass ruby test/ruboto_gen_test.rb -n test_activity_tests

This will only run activity tests matching the /subclass/ regexp.

Running a test matrix

Ruboto supports a lot of different configurations. To test your changes across many combinations try this:


This will run the tests many times with different configuration combinations. This will also start the emulator for you. To specify which tests should be run for each setup, look at the bottom of the file.

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