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Rubrik Module for PoshBot
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Rubrik Module for PoshBot

Build Status

PoshBot is a chat bot written in PowerShell by Brandon Olin. It makes extensive use of classes introduced in PowerShell 5.0. PowerShell modules are loaded into PoshBot and instantly become available as bot commands. PoshBot currently has built in support for connecting to Slack and Microsoft Teams to provide you with awesome ChatOps goodness.

This module is a plugin for PoshBot that allows for the command and control of a Rubrik cluster.

📘 Documentation

Here are some resources to get you started! If you find any challenges from this project are not properly documented or are unclear, please raise an issue and let us know! This is a fun, safe environment - don't worry if you're a GitHub newbie! ❤️


There are a few services you'll need in order to get this project off the ground:

  • PoshBot - used to power the chatbot
  • Rubrik SDK for PowerShell - used to power this module's functions
  • Rubrik CDM 4.2+ - the platform integrated with this module

💪 How You Can Help

We glady welcome contributions from the community. From updating the documentation to adding more functions to this PoshBot module, all ideas are welcome. Thank you in advance for all of your issues, pull requests, and comments! ⭐️

📌 License

👉 About Rubrik Build

We encourage all contributors to become members. We aim to grow an active, healthy community of contributors, reviewers, and code owners. Learn more in our Welcome to the Rubrik Build Community page.

We'd love to hear from you! Email us: 💌

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