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Quick Start Guide


We're going to make the assumption that you have a fully operational copy of PoshBot running in your environment. If this isn't true, make sure to visit:

  1. PoshBot Project
  2. PoshBot Documentation


To start, make sure you have downloaded the module from this repository and placed it into your $env:PSModulePath. PoshBot will then be able to install the module using the command below:

!install-plugin PoshBot.Rubrik


This plugin requires values for your Rubrik cluster (server), username, and password information to be stored in the Plugin Configuration section of your bot configuration file. This ensures that your credentials are not being passed in clear text or required when using PoshBot.

To do this:

  1. Locate your PoshBotConfig.psd1 file that is being used to configure PoshBot.
  2. Insert a new hashtable entry under PluginConfiguration called PoshBot.Rubrik with values for the Rubrik cluster (server), username, and password.

Note: The $Connection information will be supplied to the Rubrik commands at runtime.

Sample Configuration

Here is what you'll want to add to your PoshBotConfig.psd1 file:

  # Other options ommitted for brevity

  PluginConfiguration = @{
    'PoshBot.Rubrik' = @{
      Connection = @{
        Server   = 'rubrik.cluster.tld'
        Username = 'username'
        Password = 'password'

Note: If you see this error, it means that you did not insert your connection information into the PoshBotConfig.psd1 file:

Command Exception
CommandRequirementsNotMet: Mandatory parameters for [command] not provided.
    {@{name=rubrik_version; commonparameters=true; parameter=system.object[]}}


Once completed, make sure that your PoshBot is able to respond to Rubrik requests by requesting the Rubrik cluster version.


id                  : 123456789-abcd-1234-abcd-1234567890
version             : 5.0.0
apiVersion          : 1
name                : Rubrik_cluster
timezone            : @{timezone=America/Los_Angeles}
geolocation         : @{address=Palo Alto, CA, USA}
acceptedEulaVersion : 1.0
latestEulaVersion   : 1.0

For more commands to run with this module, use !help to see a list of all available commands. All of the commands listed with the prefix PoshBot.Rubrik: are part of this module, such as what is shown below:

PoshBot.Rubrik:rubrik_database                                   Command 0.1.0
PoshBot.Rubrik:rubrik_report                                     Command 0.1.0
PoshBot.Rubrik:rubrik_sla                                        Command 0.1.0
PoshBot.Rubrik:rubrik_version                                    Command 0.1.0
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