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Rubrik Plugin for vRealize

Rubrik provides cradle-to-grave data management for VMs provisioned using vRealize. Day 2 operations such as Instant Recovery, Live Mount, and on-demand snapshots are available

🔨 Installation

The Rubrik Plugin for vRealize consists of two primary components: a package for vRealize Orchestrator and blueprints for vRealize Automation.

Rubrik Package vRealize Orchestrator

  • Download vRO Package - available here
  • Run vRO Designer
  • Administer > Packages > Import Package
  • Select com.rubrik.devops.package
  • Select Import selected elements
  • Run the Workflow Rubrik - Add Cluster Instance, entering your cluster information in the form
  • Module is now configured

Rubrik Blueprints for vRealize Automation

  • Download vRA blueprints - available here

  • Authenticate to vRA via CloudClient

    vra login userpass
  • Import Module

    vra content import --path [path to] --resolution OVERWRITE --precheck WARN --verbose \[--dry-run\]
  • Entitle Resource Actions within the tenant - Administration > Catalog Management > Entitlements

📘 Documentation

Here are some resources to get you started. If you find any challenges from this project are not properly documented or are unclear, please raise an issue and let us know! This is a fun, safe environment - don't worry if you're a GitHub newbie! ❤️

💪 How You Can Help

We glady welcome contributions from the community. From updating the documentation to adding more Intents for Roxie, all ideas are welcome. Thank you in advance for all of your issues, pull requests, and comments! ⭐

📌 License

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