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Rubrik SDK for PowerShell

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This is a community project that provides a Microsoft PowerShell module for managing and monitoring Rubrik's Multi-Cloud Data Control fabric by way of published RESTful APIs. If you're looking to perform interactive automation, setting up scheduled tasks, leverage an orchestration engine, or need ad-hoc operations, this module is intended to be valuable to your needs.

🔨 Installation

Load the module by using:

Import-Module Rubrik

If you wish to load a specific version, use:

Import-Module Rubrik -RequiredVersion #.#.#.#

Where #.#.#.# represents the version number.

🔍 Example

The Rubrik SDK for PowerShell provides two mechanisms for supplying credentials to the Connect-Rubrik function. A combination of username and password or a credential object. Credentials in the credential object may be entered manually or provided as an object. The example below prompts for a username and password to create a credential object, connects to a cluster and displays the running version.

$Credential = Get-Credential
Connect-Rubrik -Server -Credential $Credential

📘 Documentation

Here are some resources to get you started! If you find any challenges from this project are not properly documented or are unclear, please raise an issue and let us know! This is a fun, safe environment - don't worry if you're a GitHub newbie! ❤️

Additional Links

💪 How You Can Help

We glady welcome contributions from the community. From updating the documentation to adding more functions, all ideas are welcome. Thank you in advance for all of your issues pull requests, and comments!

📌 License

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