Tower Defense game created for Procedural Gampley lessons
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ProceduralTowerDefense is a game designed for the subject "Procedural Gameplay" of the Minor Game Design at the HvA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). The game use the Phantom Game Engine done by JorisDormans, you can find it here.


  • Use the Arrow Keys to move the player.

  • Use the Space to throw a bomb

  • Use the Right Control to build a tower.

  • Just for testing, Enter fills a quarter of energy.

Mechanics of the game:

  • The player needs to protect the structure at the middle of the screen.
  • Each action consume energy. Bomb is a quarter, build a tower is a half of energy.
  • Destroyed enemies maybe spawn a pickup that increase the player energy.

There are 8 rounds of enemies, using the following techniques:

  • Components
  • Particles
  • Steering behaviours
  • State Machines
  • Emergence / Adaptive
  • Audio