Open source software for demodulating and decoding AIS messages
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The first time GNU AIS is started, a configuration file is created in ~/.config/gnuais/config. An alternative configuration file can be specified with the command line argument -c . If an alternative configuration file is specified the first time you run gnuais, the file ~/.config/gnuais/config will not be generated. It is explained in ~/.config/gnuais/config how you will have to edit it in order to fullfill your wishes.

You will also have to create a table in the database if the mysql option is desired:

Make new database (if needed) with command: mysqladmin create

You can also use any existing database adding table 'ais': mysql < create_table.sql

Or if you have specified username and password for your database: mysql -u -p < create_table.sql

The file create_table.sql can be found in this folder.