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AMQP 0.9.1 protocol serialization and deserialization implementation for Ruby (2.0+)
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About amq-protocol.

amq-protocol is an AMQP 0.9.1 serialization library for Ruby. It is not an
AMQP client: amq-protocol only handles serialization and deserialization.
If you want to write your own AMQP client, this gem can help you with that.

How does amq-protocol relate to amqp gem, amq-client and libraries like bunny?

See this page about AMQP gems family


If you use Bundler and want to use the very latest version, add this to your Gemfile:

gem 'amq-protocol', :git => ''



If you need to see what AMQP methods are encoded, just regenerate the protocol file using ./tasks.rb generate --development and then set $DEBUG to true for which parts of code you want to see the debug statements.

Nightly Builds

You can always find nightly builds at

You can install them thusly:

gem install amq-protocol-nightly.gem


If you want to change some code, don’t edit lib/amq/protocol/client.rb
that file is generated from protocol.rb.pytemplate
which is a template file used by You can re-generate by running

nake ./tasks.rb generate

Please note that nake gem only runs on Ruby 1.9.2.


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