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channels Unify use of AMQP::Channel#on_error callback in all examples
connection Spec & standalone example for #66
deprecated Backwards compatibility with 0.6.x: AMQP::Channel.default, AMQP::Chan…
exchanges Working With Exchanges doc guide update
extensions Documentation & code example for Alternate Exchange RabbitMQ extension
guides Doc update: demonstrate how objects can be used as message handlers (…
issues Use the most recent version available again
legacy Wipe out irrelevant comments I once used to demonstrate a JRuby-speci…
queues Add example for AMQP::Queue#unsubscribe
rack First Rack example that uses AMQP::Utilities::EventLoopHelper
routing One more "Working With Exchanges" doc guide update
tls Demonstrate what sample TLS configuration may look like
tls_certificates Copy TLS certificates/CA store we use for TLS examples in amq-client.
hello_world.rb Use AMQP::Channel#default_exchange in this example
hello_world_with_an_empty_string.rb Formatting
hello_world_with_eventmachine_in_a_separate_thread.rb Trailing ws
hello_world_with_large_payload.rb Use ~ 3.8 MiB size for 'large payload' example
inspecting_server_information.rb Export AMQP::Session#hostname, #port, #username and #broker_endpoint …
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