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Idiomatic, fast and well-maintained JRuby client for RabbitMQ
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What is Hot Bunnies

Hot Bunnies is an idiomatic, fast and well-maintained (J)Ruby DSL on top of the RabbitMQ Java client. It strives to combine strong parts of the Java client with over 3 years of Ruby amqp gem development experience.

Why Hot Bunnies

  • Concurrency support on the JVM is excellent, with many tools & approaches available. Lets make use of it.
  • RabbitMQ Java client is rock solid and supports every RabbitMQ feature. Very nice.
  • It is screaming fast thanks to all the heavy duty being done in the pretty efficient & lightweight Java code.
  • It uses synchronous APIs where it makes sense and asynchronous APIs where it makes sense. Some other Ruby RabbitMQ clients only use one or the other.
  • amqp gem has certain amount of baggage it cannot drop because of backwards compatibility concerns. Hot Bunnies is a clean room design, much more open to radical new ideas.
  • Someone just had to come up with a library called Hot Bunnies. Are your bunnies hot?

What Hot Bunnies is not

Hot Bunnies is not

  • A replacement for the RabbitMQ Java client
  • An attempt to re-create 100% of the amqp gem API on top of the Java client
  • A "work queue" like Resque
  • A cure for cancer

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration status

CI is hosted by


MIT, see LICENSE in the repository root


Theo Hultberg, 2011.

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