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+# Description
+Promises is a new framework unifying former `Concurrent::Future`,
+`Concurrent::Promise`, `Concurrent::IVar`, `Concurrent::Event`,
+`Concurrent.dataflow`, `Delay`, `TimerTask` . It extensively uses the new
+synchronization layer to make all the methods *lock-free* (with the exception
+of obviously blocking operations like `#wait`, `#value`, etc.). As a result it
+lowers a danger of deadlocking and offers better performance.
+It provides tools as other promise libraries, users coming from other languages
+and other promise libraries will find the same tools here (probably named
+differently though). The naming convention borrows heavily from JS promises.
+This framework however is not just a re-implementation of other promise
+library, it takes inspiration from many other promise libraries, adds new
+ideas, and integrates with other abstractions like actors and channels.
+Therefore it is much more likely that user fill find a suitable solution for
+his problem in this library, or if needed he will be able to combine parts
+which were designed to work together well (rather than having to combine
+fragilely independent tools).
+> *Note:* The channel and actor integration is younger and will stay in edge for
+> a little longer than core promises.
+> *TODO*
+> - What is it?
+> - What is it for?
+> - Main classes {Future}, {Event}
+> - Explain pool usage :io vs :fast, and `_on` `_using` suffixes.
+> - Why is this better than other solutions, integration actors and channels
+# Main classes
+The main public user-facing classes are {Concurrent::Promises::Event} and
+{Concurrent::Promises::Future} which share common ancestor
+> {include:Concurrent::Promises::Event}
+> {include:Concurrent::Promises::Future}
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