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pitr-ch committed Dec 27, 2019
1 parent c159082 commit ced84960e780ca1384f8336e77ff9e9cf14ea3c2
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  1. +3 −0 lib/concurrent/executor/fixed_thread_pool.rb
@@ -115,6 +115,9 @@ module Concurrent
# Thread pools support several configuration options:
# * `idletime`: The number of seconds that a thread may be idle before being reclaimed.
# * `name`: The name of the executor (optional). Printed in the executor's `#to_s` output and
# a `<name>-worker-<id>` name is given to its threads if supported by used Ruby
# implementation. `<id>` is uniq for each thread.
# * `max_queue`: The maximum number of tasks that may be waiting in the work queue at
# any one time. When the queue size reaches `max_queue` and no new threads can be created,
# subsequent tasks will be rejected in accordance with the configured `fallback_policy`.

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