Vagrant configuration for boxes used to build the concurrent-ruby gem.
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Concurrent Ruby Build Box

A set of Vagrant configurations for creating build machines that can build various platform-specific gem packages for concurrent-ruby.

This project originally began as a fork of the excellent rake-compiler-dev-box project. It has undergone significant changes since the original forking. Please rfer to the original README for more information.


Building Gems

The Vagrantfile in this project specifies three build box configurations. The two Ubuntu boxes are capable of running all the build tasks. The Solaris box does not support RVM so it can only be used to build the Solaris-specific gem. For consistency, the bulk of the building should be done on the 64-bit Ubuntu box.

For this to work the concurrent-ruby git repository must be cloned into a directory beneath the rake-compiler-dev-box directory:

$ pwd
$ git clone
Cloning into 'rake-compiler-dev-box'...
$ cd rake-compiler-dev-box
$ git clone
Cloning into 'concurrent-ruby'...
$ pwd

Once both repositories have been cloned, launch each box one at a time and conduct the builds. The Vagrant names for the boxes are:

  • ubuntu64
  • ubuntu32
  • solaris

Building the gem is done by logging into each virtual maching, changing to the correct directory, and running the appropriate script. Starting with the main Ubuntu 64-bit build box:

$ cd ~/Projects/FOSS/ruby-concurrency/rake-compiler-dev-box
$ vagrant up ubuntu64

The box may take a few minutes to boot. Next, secure shell into the box:

$ vagrant ssh ubuntu64

Once connected to the build box via SSH, change to the appropriate directory and run the build script:

$$ cd /vagrant
$$ package_all concurrent-ruby

Once the build process is complete, exit the SSH session and shutdown the build box:

$ vagrant halt ubuntu

The process for the other two boxes is similar, except that a different build script should be run for each:

  • ubuntu64: package_all
  • ubuntu32: package_native
  • solaris: package_native

Once the build script has run to completion, all of the created gem files will be saved to the pkg directory of the concurrent-ruby repository that was cloned beneath rake-compiler-dev-box.

The full list of builds that should have been created will be:

  • concurrent-ruby--java.gem
  • concurrent-ruby--x64-mingw32.gem
  • concurrent-ruby--x86_64-linux.gem
  • concurrent-ruby--x86-linux.gem
  • concurrent-ruby--x86-mingw32.gem
  • concurrent-ruby--x86-solaris-2.11.gem
  • concurrent-ruby-.gem

License and Copyright

Concurrent Ruby is free software released under the MIT License.