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Ruby Conferences

Build Status is a simple list of Ruby conferences, published collaboratively with the Ruby community. Updates are sometimes posted to @rubyconferences.

Eligible Conferences

Focus is a goal of this project and as a result, only conferences that are specifically for Ruby are listed. That means that if a conference covers Ruby, but is not specifically for Rubyists, then it is left out.

A good rule of thumb for whether a conference should be included is if its name includes either Ruby or Rails and how it describes itself. A conference that describes itself as a "Conference on Web Development" might be an awesome event, but it's probably not a Ruby conference.


The list of events is driven by the conferences file in the _data directory - if you have an update for those things, just change the YAML and send a PR.

Here is a list of the keys that can be used:

  • name: The official name of the event
  • location: When the event is in the US, this would be "City, State", for any other country, use "City, Country".
  • start_date: The date of the first day of the event - ISO8601 formatted (yyyy-mm-dd).
  • end_date: The date of the last day of the event - ISO8601 formatted (yyyy-mm-dd). For one day events this should equal start_date.
  • url: The url for the event.
  • twitter: The twitter handle for the event, you can leave off the "@".

Extra keys for the upcoming events:

  • reg_phrase: Typically you want to put "Registration open" here.
  • reg_date: If there is a registration deadline, enter that here - ISO8601 formatted (yyyy-mm-dd).
  • cfp_phrase: Typically you want to put "CFP open" here.
  • cfp_date: If there is a cfp deadline, enter that here - ISO8601 formatted (yyyy-mm-dd).

Extra keys for the past events:

  • video_link: A url to the videos for the event.

Getting started

We build the site with Jekyll.

Install Ruby, then:

bundle install
bundle exec jekyll serve

and point your browser at http://localhost:4000/


The design of the site is copyrighted by Cameron Daigle.

All other original work uses the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.