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- added support for file filtering for jruby
- Remove extraneous .RB files messing up Microsoft Windows
- Deprecate "set force". Use "set di[fferent].
- Moved to github.
- Merged JRuby extension.
- Moved ruby-debug-extra to a separate repository.
- JRuby: fixed race condition that was causing the debugger to hang:
- JRuby: fixed stopping in wrong file with the same basename
- Use rake-compiler for building extensions
- Fix use of stale variables after restarting the debugger (#4)
- Use Travis for CI
- JRuby: Remove GPL'd linecache code (#3)
- Various bug fixes:
* reload command.
* plain 'info' command
* improve list and list - (backwards) handling when hitting end of file
- Add ability to specify port to debug on
- Allow breakpoints at class methods
- "quit!" is same as "quit unconditionally"
- irb improvements: Access to non-executing rdebug commands inside irb via
"dbgr" method
- Go over documentation including that created by rdoc.
- For emacs package: add README, INSTALL, AUTHORS.
- a backtrace now warns when it thinks the callstack is truncated which it
gets by comparing with caller()
- fix setting $0.
- fix bug in showing variables in post-mortem
- Document how Debugger.start with a block is intended to be used.
- Move Kernel#debugger from ruby-debug-base into ruby-debug
- Get regression tests working again
- Warn and add a "confirmation" when setting a breakpoint on a
file that is not loaded.
- debugger(steps=0) breaks inside of debugger rather than wait for a line event.
- trace var varname (stop|nostop) added which issues trace_var.
- start method is now properly defined in Debugger module
- fixed 'finish' command
- rdebug script now works with Ruby 1.8.7
4/10/08 - in honor of the 30th Birthday of Kate Schwarz
- bin/rdebug
* "rdebug --post-mortem" now really catches uncaught exceptions and
brings you to post-mortem handling. "info program" shows the exception.
* rdebug now searches using ENV['PATH'] for a Ruby program to debug
if the program name is not found and doesn't have any path
characters in it.
* Use ~/.rdboptrc (rdbopt.ini on MS Windows) to change default options.
* --emacs is now --emacs-basic while --emacs 3 now implies emacs-basic
---annotate=3 --post-mortem --no-control --no-start --no-quit
- rdebug (CLI)
* "info" command additions and changes:
o fix bug in "info variables" when string had embedded %s'
o "info program" now shows uncaught exception information
o "info files" show what Ruby files are loaded
o "info file <f>" specific file information of <f> (e.g. time, # of lines, SHA1)
o "info catch" - Exceptions that can be caught in the current stack frame.
o "info "variables" shows "self" and class variables
o "info threads verbose" shows stack trace of all threads
o "info thread <t> verbose" shows stack trace of thread <t>.
* "frame" command now accepts an optional thread number argument
* Long information added to commands with subcommands: show, set,
info, enable, and disable. For example "help info <xxx>" will give
more detailed information about the "info <xxx>" command.
* columnize now pulled in from a separate package.
* add "var cl[ass]" command. Note "var const" can no longer be
abbreviated "var c"; use "var co" (or const or constant).
* add "condition" command. Allow removal of condition.
* $0 == __FILE__ when running rdebug should work -- most of the
time. See comments in code for a better solution.
* rdebug command history can be displayed with "show commands". Fix a bug
in history saving.
* INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: "finish" works like gdb - stop just before the most
recent method finishes. Will now accept a number which stops that many
frames completed. (Note that return line numbers will be funny, the
first line of the method until Ruby 1.8.7.)
* fix bug in 'list' command when wrapping off the end.
- Emacs interaction drastically reworked, expanded, and improved.
- rdebug base
* allow catching multiple exceptions.
INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: variable "Debugger.catchpoint", a String, was turned
into "Debugger.catchpoints", a Hash. Method "Debugger.catchpoint=" no
longer exists. Debugger.set_catchpoint was turned into
* Add Debugger.last_exception which is set in post-mortem.
* remove Debugger.stop() when an exception is raised that would terminate the
debugged program. This may allow catchpoints to work and allow tracing user
code which handles "Exit" exceptions
* split off breakpoint code in ruby_debug.c.
* preface ruby_debug global Ruby variables with rdebug_.
* Change Debugger.start() to accept an optional options argument
:init => true saves things (like $0 and ARGV) necessary to
allow restart. Default: true
:post_mortem => true runs post-mortem on an uncaught exception
Default: false
The old Debugger.start() is now renamed to Debugger.start_()
* split of line caching to an external gem. We now only allow setting
breakpoints on lines where it makes sense to do so.
* Incompatible enhancement: even return/end will now call event handler
See ChangeLog for full details, and the reference guide for more complete
documentation of these changes.
- '-r' option can be used to require additional libraries.
- --noquit option added to stay in debugger when the program exits
- gdb-like --annotate option added. Can be used by front-ends to get information
without polling
- Fixed 'var const' command. Issue #10847.
- Using pretty-print for all var commands.
- Better error reporting for commands that require a numeric argument.
- Fixed Kernel#binding_n method
- Add option -d ($DEBUG = true) and --verbose. Make -v work like ruby.
- Remove debugger messages caused when warnings are turned on.
- "info" and "show" commands added. "set" made more like gdb's
set. subcommands can be abbreviated and are case insensitive.
- restart program if it terminates normally and we've got a tty and
we stop on the first statement.
- help is in tidy column format. method lists are shown that way as well.
the "width" setting ("set/show width") is used for the line width
- stack traces now show parameter names and types. "info args" lists just
the parameters (with the most recent values, not the values at call time).
- post-mortem "exit" bug fixed.
- More Emacs-friendly: rdebug-track.el will track location inside an Emacs
shell. Emacs position information is shown in breakpoints and catchpoints
similar to gdba. Commands to position in another window a unit test traceback
or ruby traceback. Much more work invisioned for Emacs.
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: "break" now sets a breakpoint on the current line
(same as gdb). Use "info break" for a list of breakpoints.
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: "script" command removed. Use "source" command instead
(same as gdb).
- Run .rdebugrc on Debugger.start. Look for a file in the current directory and
run that instead of the one in $HOME if that exists. Again, inspired by and compatible
with gdb.
- Changes compatible with Ruby 1.9. NOTE: this debugger will NOT work with
Ruby 1.9
- leaving irb shows position same as entering debugger; "list" position
is also cleared when leaving irb
- help "foo" gives message "Undefined command "foo" rather than a list
of help commands. (Message test is gdb's)
- Add set linetrace+ - similar to step+ for linetrace
- Start unit tests.
- Start a reference guide.
- Fixed if..elsif..end stepping.
- From irb session Ctrl-C or 'cont' command continues execution without showing the debugger prompt.
- Added Debugger.settings method to programatically modify command settings.
- Added Kernel#breakpoint as alias to Kernel#debugger is the former is not already defined.
- Fixed file comparison in Windows platform.
- Added setter methods to Breakpoint properties
- Added breakpoint hit condition functionality (not available via CLI yet) and methods:
- Fixed incorrect stack calculation.
- Context#stop_next= method aliased as Context#step.
- Added the 'force' parameter to Context#step_over.
- Added the 'force' parameter to Context#step.
- 'next+/step+' commands forces to move to another line
- Added a new 'forcestep' setting.
- Kernel#debugger method will start the debugger if it's not running.
- Added Context#stop_reason method.
- Calling a method with a block will create a new frame. This changes the behavior of 'next' command. So in order to step into a block, 'step' command must be used. That fixes bug #9629.
- Added the possibility to add a temporary context-specific breakpoint. Context#breakpoint and Context#set_breakpoint methods are added.
- 'cont' command now accepts a numerical parameter which implements 'Continue until line' behavior.
- Added new Context.frame_class method
- Added new 'framefullpath' setting.
- Added new 'frameclassname' setting.
- All Ruby's 'eval' and require/load methods create a new frame. Fixes bug #9686.
- Added a shortcut module 'debugger'. require "ruby-debug/debugger" will start the debugger and stop at the next line (similar to require 'debug').
- Fixed remote debugging.
- Extract the base debugger API into a separate gem (ruby-debug-base), so it will be easier to add a new interface.
- Added 'set autoirb' setting.
- Bugfixes.
- Fixed 'reload on' command
- 'reload on' command is removed in favor of 'set autoreload'
- rdebug will evaluate ~/.rdebugrc script on startup
- Added a workaround of the Ruby interpreter problem where a method created with Module#define_method
and which raises an exception doesn't trigger a :return event, this way screwing the stack trace.
- Fixed a situation of an array 'out of bounds' access.
- Fixed the help for 'where' command.
- Fixed a case when a frame is not popped up properly.
- Removed Context.ignore= method, since it can result with the segmentation fault error.
- Fixed the case when Context#suspend may effect the state of the thread on Context#resume
- Fixed several cases of seg faults when accessing dyna_vars structure.
- Fixed Context#resume (a thread should be waked up only when it was running when it was suspended).
- When handling post-mortem exception, all threads must be suspended.
- Fixed 'delete' command
- Eliminated explicit Frame object. Use Context.frame_[binding,file,line] instead.
- Fixed help command.
- Renamed Debugger.keep_frame_info to Debugger.keep_frame_binding
- 'eval' command is available, even when keep_frame_binding is not used.
- New 'set' command is available.
- Added thread lookup cache.
- Control thread is always started by rdebug script.
- Ability to specify negative frame number to frame commands. Patch from R. Bernstein.
- Another performance optimization.
- Added option to exclude collecting of frame bindings.
- Several performance optimizations.
- Added -x/--trace option to rdebug script. Patch from R. Bernstein.
- Removed a live thread reference from the context's structure avoiding memory leakage.
- Added Module#post_mortem_method method, which wraps any method with Debugger.post_mortem block.
- Added breakpoint id, which is not dependent on the breakpoint position in Debugger.breakpoints array.
- Fixes interoperability problems with rspec.
- Made 'exit' as an alias to 'quit'
- Added 'restart' command. Patch from R. Bernstein.
- Bugfixes.
- Added post-mortem debugging
- Added 'irb' command.
- Fixed debug_method when applied to setter.
- Added 'reload' command which can be used to reload source code in case it's been changed.
- Added Debugger.reload_source_on_change option (true, by default) which controls whether ruby-debug should keep
track of the source files modification times and reload them if they've been changed.
- Renamed Context#set_suspend and Context#clear_suspend methods to Context#suspend and Context#resume respectively.
- Context#resume method not only clears suspend flag, but also resumes the thread execution.
- Bugfixes.
- Added Debugger.skip method which allows escaping a block from the debugger reach.
- Bugfixes.
- Module#deubg_method added.
- Added rdoc.
- Bugfixes.
- New binding_n method for Kernel module.
- Bugfixes.
- Debugger.start method takes a block. If a block is specified, this method starts debugger, yields to the block
and stops debugger at the end.
- 'tm[ate]' command accepts a frame number now.
- 'list' command accepts on/off parameter which controls whether listing will be displayed on every stop.
- 'eval on/off' controls the evaluation of unknown command.
- Debugger reads readline history file .rdebug_hist at startup and saves it at exit.
- 'sa[ve] <file>' command can be used to save current breackpoints and catchpoint if any
- 'sc[ript] <file>' command can be used to run script file. Script files can contain only control commands.
- rdebug script accepts '--script FILE' parameter.
- thread commands are available for the control port.
0.3 (2006-08-07)
- Renamed Debugger.start_server to Debugger.start_remote.
- Debugger.start_remote activates debugger by calling Debugger.start.
- Debugger.start_remote starts a control thread which listen on port 8990 and accepts control
commands, such as adding/deleting breakpoints, assigning catchpoint, etc. (Useful for GUI integration)
- New Debugger.wait_connection option. When it's true, Debugger.start_remote waits until
a remote connection is made.
- New Debugger.stop_on_connect option. When a remote connection is established, debugger
stops the main thread (Thread.main).
- 'interrupt' command is available for the control thread.
0.2.1 (2006-07-29)
- 'f[rame] nn' command selects a numbered frame. Frame numbers can be obtained by running frame
command without parameters.
- 'l[ist] =' show code in the context of the current line.
- 'tm[ate]' opens the current file in TextMate. Available only on Mac OSX.
0.2 (2006-07-17)
- Added the remote debugging. It should be activated by calling Debugger#start_server method.
- CHANGED: In order to activate the debugger, it's not enough to require 'ruby-debug'.
Debugger#start method must be called explicitly.
- Debugger used to evaluate anything you enter as long as it's not a command. Starting from
this version the 'eval' command must be used to evaluate an expression.
0.1.5 (2006-07-13)
- Now the check for a breakpoint uses base filename of the source file.
- Removed compilation warnings when compiling with -Wall
0.1.4 (2006-07-12)
- Remembers the previous command. Invoke it by typing a carriage return
at the command prompt.
0.1.3 (2006-07-11)
- Conditional breakpoints
- Bugfixes
0.1.2 (2006-07-16)
- Initial release.