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Ruby-Locale is the pure ruby library which provides basic and general purpose APIs for localization.
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locale - locale for Ruby

Locale gem is the pure ruby library which provides basic and general purpose APIs for localization.

This library was called as “Ruby-Locale”. Since 2.0.6, this library is called just “locale”. You can call this library as “locale gem” or “Ruby Locale” to distinguish from other “locale”s.

This library aims to support all environments which Ruby works and all kind of programs (GUI, WWW, library, etc), and becomes the hub of other i18n/l10n libs/apps to handle major locale ID standards.

  • Manage Locale ID(Language Tag)

    • Each thread has a Locale ID.

    • POSIX, CLDR, IETF(RFC4646, 3066(BCP47)), Win32 and Java language tags and convert the tag string to each other.

    • Auto detect Locale ID. POSIX(Unix/Linux/*BSD), Win32, JRuby, CGI(CGI, Rack, others).

  • Resources

    • ISO 639-3 languages

    • ISO 3166 region(countries).

  • Support Ruby 1.8.7, Ruby 1.9.1, JRuby 1.1.4. Tested on Win32 and Linux.




% gem install locale

The simplest usage

require 'rubygems'
require 'locale'

p Locale.candidates


The most important APIs are defined in Locale module.

  • Locale.candidates - Returns the current locale candidates.

  • Locale.current= - Sets the current locale(in a thread).

  • Locale.default= - Sets the default locale(in the whole program).

  • Locale.set_app_language_tags - Sets the locale that is supported by the App.


This program is licenced under the same licence as Ruby(See COPYING) or LGPL(Lesser General Public License:

  • locale/language.rb, locale/region.rb, locale/data/, locale/data/

    • Copyright (C) 2006 Brian Pontarelli, Antonio Terceiro

    • Copyright (C) 2008,2009 Masao Mutoh <mutomasa at>

  • Others(Some files are separated from Ruby-GetText-Package-1.92.0)

    • Copyright (C) 2008,2009 Masao Mutoh <mutoh at>


Other libraries




Kouhei Sutou <>


Masao Mutoh <mutomasa at>

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