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A set of bindings for the GNOME-2.x libraries to use from Ruby.
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Merge pull request #425 from hiroyuki-sato/master

Add installl instruntion for github master branch

Patch by Hiroyuki Sato. Thanks!!!
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@kou kou authored
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atk windows: use "windows" instead of "win32"
build build windows: update to the latest Rubies
cairo-gobject windows: require top_dir
clutter-gstreamer clutter-gstreamer: don't run on Travis CI
clutter-gtk clutter-gtk test: don't run if typelib doesn't exist
clutter clutter test: remove needless argument
gdk3-no-gi windows: require top_dir
gdk3 gdk3: add deprecation for Gdk::Event::CURRENT_TIME
gdk_pixbuf2 windows: use "windows" instead of "win32"
gio2 gio2 test: enable warnings
glib2 glib2 test: re-add 10kb case test
gobject-introspection gi: accept symbol as UTF-8 value
gstreamer gstreamer test: don't run if typelib doesn't exist
gtk2 gtk2 test: remove needless code
gtk3-no-gi reset modifications in gtk3-no-gi/test/test_gtk_icon_view.rb, fix ico…
gtk3 Merge pull request #423 from cedlemo/gtk3_sample_misc_builder.rb
gtksourceview2 windows: require top_dir
gtksourceview3-no-gi Revert "gtksourceview3-no-gi: rename gtksourceview3-no-gi/ext/gtksour…
gtksourceview3 gtksourceview3 test: use meaningful name
gvlc windows: use "windows" instead of "win32"
pango pango: don't install a file that is no longer made
poppler poppler windows: upgrade Poppler to 0.29.0
rsvg2 rsvg2: fix include position
vte windows: use "windows" instead of "win32"
vte3-no-gi Revert "vte3: vte3-no-gi/ext/vte3/ -> vte3-no-gi/ext/vte3-no-gi"
vte3 vte3: remove usable deprecations
webkit-gtk webkit-gtk: sink newly created floating object
webkit-gtk2 webkit-gtk2 test: omit if typelib doesn't exist
webkit2-gtk webkit2-gtk: omit when WebKit2 typelib file doesn't exist
.dir-locals.el windows: use "windows" instead of "win32"
.gitignore pango: use version macros provided by Pango
.travis.yml travis: enable Ruby 2.1 again
AUTHORS Updated news for upcoming release, tagged binding version as 0.17.0
COPYING.LIB Update LGPL 2.1 files
Gemfile support Gemfile.local.
Gemfile.local.sample support Gemfile.local.
NEWS Add 2.2.5 entry Add installl instruntion for github master branch
Rakefile Update to the latest Rubies
exec_make.rb * extconf.rb, exec_make.rb: Support MSVC++(nmake).
extconf.rb Don't build deprecated no-GI based libraries
release.rd windows: use "windows" instead of "win32"
run-test.rb Simplify travis: install dbus-launch


Build Status

Ruby-GNOME2 -- Ruby bindings for GNOME-2.x

This is a set of bindings for the GNOME-2.x and GNOME-3.x libraries to use from Ruby 1.9.x, 2.0.0 and 2.1.

Release packages


  • Ruby/GLib2: GLib 2.12.x or later
  • Ruby/ATK: ATK 1.12.x or later
  • Ruby/Pango: Pango 1.14.x or later
  • Ruby/GdkPixbuf2: GTK+ 2.0.x or later
  • Ruby/GTK2: GTK+ 2.10.x or later
  • Ruby/GObjectIntrospection: GObject Introspection 1.32.1 or later


  • ruby-gtk2 - Ruby/GTK2
  • Ruby/GDK3: GTK+ 3.4.2 or later
  • Ruby/GTK3: GTK+ 3.4.2 or later


  • ruby-gtk2 + ruby-gtk3
  • Ruby/RSVG: librsvg 2.8.0 or later
  • Ruby/Poppler: poppler-glib 0.8.0 or later
  • Ruby/VTE VTE 0.12.1 or later
  • Ruby/GtkSourceView2: GtkSourceView 2.0.0 or later
  • Ruby/GIO2: GIO 2.16.x or later
  • Ruby/CairoGObject: cairo-gobject 1.12.10 or later
  • Ruby/Clutter: Clutter 1.12.0 or later
  • Ruby/ClutterGTK: Clutter-GTK 1.2.0 or later
  • Ruby/ClutterGStreamer:Clutter-GStreamer 2.0.0 or later
  • Ruby/GtkSourceView3: GtkSourceView 3.4.2 or later
  • Ruby/VTE3: VTE 0.32.2 or later
  • Ruby/WebKitGTK: WebKitGTK+ 1.8.1 or later (for GTK+ 3)
  • Ruby/WebKitGTK2: WebKitGTK+ 1.8.1 or later (for GTK+ 2)
  • Ruby/GStreamer: GStreamer 1.0.0 or later

Experimental / Incomplete:

  • ...


% ruby extconf.rb
% make
% sudo make install

To compile and install a particular sub-binding, you can add arguments:

% ruby extconf.rb [subdir]...
e.g.) ruby extconf.rb glib2 pango atk gdk_pixbuf2 gtk2

Or you can compile each sub-binding:

% cd <each sub-directory>
% ruby extconf.rb
% make
% sudo make install

extconf.rb options

  • --ruby

    • ruby directory
  • --topsrcdir

    • top source directory
  • --topdir

    • top directory
  • --strict

    • if some libraries fail to compile/install, "make" command returns 1(exit 1)

Environment Variables

    • rcairo path (for Win32).


You should install a sub-binding with its dependencies. The current dependencies are:

  • Ruby/GLib
    • none.
  • Ruby/ATK
    • depends on Ruby/GLib.
  • Ruby/Pango
    • depends on Ruby/GLib, rcairo.
  • Ruby/GdkPixbuf
    • depends on Ruby/GLib.
  • Ruby/GTK
    • depends on Ruby/GLib, Ruby/ATK, Ruby/Pango, Ruby/GdkPixbuf, rcairo
  • Ruby/RSVG
    • depends on Ruby/GLib, Ruby/GdkPixbuf2.
  • Ruby/Poppler
    • depends on Ruby/GLib, Ruby/GdkPixbuf(optional), rcairo.
  • Ruby/VTE
    • depends on Ruby/GTK.
  • Ruby/GtkSourceView2
    • depends on Ruby/GTK.
  • Ruby/GIO2
    • depends on Ruby/GLib.
  • Ruby/GStreamer
    • depends on Ruby/GLib.

Install from github master branch

You can also install this gem from github master branch.

% git clone
% cd ruby-gnome2
% gem install rake rake-compiler mechanize pkg-config cairo
% rake gem:install


  • ...


Please report bugs either in our bug tracker

or on the ruby-gnome2-devel-en / ruby-gnome2-devel-ja mailing list


Copyright (c) 2002-2014 Ruby-GNOME2 Project Team

This program is free software. You can distribute/modify this program under the terms of the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.1.

Project Website

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