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gnome-ruby -- Ruby bindings for GNOME
*The current status of gnome-ruby is experimental*
This is a set of bindings for the GNOME libraries for use from Ruby.
To use them, you will need Ruby 1.6 and gnome-libs 1.0.50 or
later installed on your system.
Compilation and Installation
To compile and install gnome-ruby, you should run:
ruby extconf.rb
make site-install
To compile and install each sub-binding, you should run:
cd <each sub-directory>
ruby extconf.rb
make site-install
You should install a sub-binding with its dependencies.
The current dependencies are:
gdkimlib depends on gtk.
gdkpixbuf depends on gtk.
gnome depends on gtk, gdkimlib.
Contacting the Author
You can contact me via email at <>; you
can also visit the Ruby-GNOME website (,
which has a facility for reporting bugs and submitting fixes.
Finally, you can send a message to the ruby-talk mailing list,
where I or other Ruby-GNOME users can help you.
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