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Ruby in-the-park

Ruby in-the-Park

Let's have a picnic!

  • Because the weather is nice.
  • Because you are awesome.
  • Because parks are awesome.


There is no picnic planned yet. Suggest a new one.


Any park in Berlin.

We've had picnics in:

  • Tempelhofer Feld
  • Park am Gleisdreick

Previous Picnics

The Rules

  • Respect is a priority. Fun as well.
  • Vegetarians and non vegetarians are equally welcome. Same goes for beer, favourite ruby framework and Scala or Java.
  • [insert your rule/request here as a PR]

The why

I like the ruby community and I like parks. I have no idea about picnic organising so I'm hoping social coding can give me a hand.


My twitter handle is @eljojo

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