No way to create integer constants or types of parametric bit width without const_get #21

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whitequark commented Mar 19, 2013

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whitequark commented Mar 20, 2013

The problem here is that functions in the LLVM namespace are overloaded beyond reason. For example, why does LLVM::Array() return a type, and LLVM::Float() return a value?

This, apart from being a problem as of itself, prevents me from adding LLVM::Int which would accept a width and either produce a type or a value. (An LLVM::Int producing a value of the native word size already exists.)

I propose to either remove the LLVM::Array and other methods returning types, or, maybe, rename them to LLVM::ArrayTy and make the LLVM::Array return a value, i.e. what LLVM::ConstantArray.const currently does.

@jvoorhis, what do you think?

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