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Add Target APIs #12

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This pull request depends on #11, but otherwise does not include backwards-incompatible changes.

It adds a proper LLVM::Target API (complete with LLVM::TargetMachine and LLVM::TargetDataLayout), which will in future allow to use ruby-llvm to compile binaries without any external LLVM tools. (You still need gcc, but that's an LLVM deficiency).

It also deprecates LLVM.init_x86 in favor of a platform-independent LLVM.init_jit replacement. As another option, it adds LLVM::Target.init_native, LLVM::Target.init_all and LLVM::Target.init('X86') among other APIs.

@whitequark whitequark referenced this pull request in jvoorhis/ruby-llvm

Target-specific functions are not wrapped in Ruby APIs #22


This looks great. I'll try it out this evening.

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