A Ruby library to parse, create and manage MARC records
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marc is a ruby library for reading and writing MAchine Readable Cataloging (MARC). More information about MARC can be found at http://www.loc.gov/marc.


require 'marc'

# reading records from a batch file
reader = MARC::Reader.new('marc.dat', :external_encoding => "MARC-8")
for record in reader
  # print out field 245 subfield a
  puts record['245']['a']

# creating a record 
record = MARC::Record.new()
record.append(MARC::DataField.new('100', '0',  ' ', ['a', 'John Doe']))

# writing a record
writer = MARC::Writer.new('marc.dat')

# writing a record as XML
writer = MARC::XMLWriter.new('marc.xml')

# encoding a record
MARC::Writer.encode(record) # or record.to_marc

MARC::Record provides #to_hash and #from_hash implementations that deal in ruby hash's that are compatible with the marc-in-json serialization format. You are responsible for serializing the hash to/from JSON yourself.


gem install marc

Or if you're using bundler, add to your Gemfile

gem 'marc'

Character Encodings in 'binary' ISO-2709 MARC

The Marc binary (ISO 2709) Reader (MARC::Reader) has some features for helping you deal with character encodings in ruby 1.9. It is always recommended to supply an explicit :external_encoding option to MARC::Reader; either any valid ruby encoding, or the string "MARC-8". MARC-8 input will by default be transcoded to a UTF-8 internal representation.

MARC::Reader does not currently have any facilities for guessing encoding from MARC21 leader byte 9, that is ignored.

Consult the MARC::Reader class docs for a more complete discussion and range of options.

The MARC binary Writer (MARC::Writer) does not have any encoding-related features -- it's up to you the developer to make sure you create MARC::Records with consistent and expected char encodings, although MARC::Writer will write out a legal ISO 2709 either way, it just might have corrupted encodings.


Source code at: https://github.com/ruby-marc/ruby-marc/

Find generated API docs at: http://rubydoc.info/gems/marc/frames

Run automated tests in source with rake test.

Developers, release new version of gem to rubygems with rake release (bundler-supplied task). Note that one nice thing this will do is automatically tag the version in git, very important for later figuring out what's going on.


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