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0.11.0 馃巹

@palkan palkan released this
· 50 commits to master since this release
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This release is dedicated to the upcoming release of Ruby 3.0.


  • Added find pattern support (case v; in [*, 42, *]; true; end)
  • Added endless method support (def foo() = "bar")
  • Added leading arguments support to arguments forwarding (def foo(...) = bar(1, ...)).


  • Right-hand assignment replaced with single-line pattern matching (a => x)
  • Behavior of a in x single-line pattern matching changed to comply with Ruby 3.0 (returns true/false instead of raising errors).
  • Transpiler now uses rewrite mode by default.

Bonus features

we also extended the proposed shorthand Hash syntax to support kwargs in method calls as well:

x = 1
y = 2

foo x:, y: #= foo x: x, y: y

Could this be the future Ruby? Share your thoughts!.