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Message from a beginner of Ruby

Honestly saying, I'm just one of the beginner Rubyist, so I cannot say how nice in detail Ruby is or what the biggest feature of Ruby is. However, I CAN say "Ruby is nice!"

The grammer of Ruby is flexible enough for programmers to make code shorter, clearer, or more readable as long as we have our idea. We can implement what we want only with calling a couple of APIs Ruby provides. And within various communities, we can discuss how we manage that huge power of Ruby.

I made a GitHub repository "CodeYourRuby", where the beginners of Ruby can discuss with the experienced Rubyists with their own code, because discussion with the experienced must be the big help to enhance our knowledge about Ruby. I beleave leaning Ruby will make our development more comfortable and enjoyable.

More and more people are learning programming recently. I beleave Ruby will be one of the most awesome language for every learners around the world in the next 25 years.

Happy Birthday, Ruby!

Tsuyoshi Chujo

Freelance engineer of Web services (mainly with Java). Learning Ruby since an year ago and managing GitHub repository "CodeYourRuby".