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Ruby 25th anniversary messages

Ruby was born on the 24th of February, 1993, so this will be the 25th birthday. We will hold an event celebrating Ruby, and talking about Ruby's past, present, and future on the 24th of February 2018 in Tokyo.

We're also holding an event on the web to collect messages for Ruby from Rubyists around the world.

About the message


There're 2 ways.

1. GitHub Flavored Markdown

2. Write in your blog page

You can write on your blog. Make your file with your URL. File name and format rules are same as "1. GitHub Flavored Markdown".


Send your pull request to the "ruby-no-kai/ruby25" Github repository.

  • Make a pull request and put your submission file into root directory in the "ruby-no-kai/ruby25" Github repository.
  • Your file name should be in the format "".


We'll publish the message page around 1st Feb., 2018. There's a possibility it might be late with that publishing.

Ruby 25th anniversary event executive committee