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Congratulations on Ruby 25th anniversary!

I started using Ruby about six years ago, so my experience is not so long compared to the history of Ruby. However, my programming life has changed a lot since starting using Ruby.

If I use Ruby's rich standard libraries and magical gems such as Rails, I can develop my program in no time. In addition, it is really fun to write code in Ruby. I've been hearing that "Ruby is fun" for a long time, and it turns out that the rumors are true (it is hard to explain why in a few words, though).

In the Ruby world, it is easy to recognize individuals who write code or share knowledge since everything is open. Because of that, if I look on social media or participate in events, I feel that people using Ruby are connected by an invisible circle of Rubyists that goes beyond any one company or organization, which feels very comfortable to me.

I hope that such nice Ruby communities continue, and I want to contribute to that if there is anything I can do. I really appreciate Mr. Yukihiro Matsumoto, Ruby committers and developers who create useful gems. I hope that Ruby will progress further and more in the future (And I am also looking forward to the coming of Ruby 3!).

Junichi Ito

Ruby programmer at SonicGarden, Inc. The founder of Nishiwaki.rb that is one of the Ruby communities in Japan.

He writes many technical posts in his blog, magazines or Qiita and is known among Japanese Rubyists for his easy-to-understand explanations.

He also wrote a book Introduction to Ruby programming for future professionals and translated the Japanese edition of Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec.

rubybook everydayrails

Acknowledgements: P. Michael Holland, thank you for your English proofreading.