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Welcome to the rbot wiki, here you will find end user and developer documentation. Rbot is a IRC Bot written in ruby, to get an idea of what rbot is capable of see a list of features or an example session. Rbot is dual licensed MIT+ack or GPLv2.

Getting Rbot

Right now there is no current release of rbot so the best way to get it is through git, checkout the ruby-rbot/rbot (master) repository on github. Using git you can download this repository locally and easily keep it up-to-date.

The current development version is pretty stable, solves lots of issues which are present in the last releases 0.9.15 and 0.9.10, also providing lots of new exciting features. Download a copy of the repository with

git clone git://

You can run rbot by the launch_here.rb script in the resulting rbot/ directory, but first make sure to fulfill the prerequisites (see install guide). To update your copy at a later date run

git pull

from the rbot directory.

If you are for some reason unable to use git directly you can also download a snapshot of the repository as a zip archive.

Help Using Rbot


Here you'll find technical help for rbot and plugin development:


  • To report bugs use the Issue Tracker at github.
  • IRC: If you want to get in touch with other rbot users or developers join #rbot on (webchat). If you want to try it for yourself, there is a running rbot instance that runs the latest version (also named rbot).
  • User Group: To subscribe sent a mail to, unsubscribe with