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  • If RDFa is loaded, don't assert text/html and :html content-type/extension, as RDFa will call out based on presence of @itemscope


  • Update contextual case based on LC spec change to use current_name instead of current_type when creating a predicate URI in contextual.
  • Add hCard and hCalendar vocabulary definitions.
  • Make sure registry_uri is processed for each invocation, allowing it to be passed as a parameter.
  • Add --registry argument to script/parse to allow it to be specified.


  • Update to latest processing rules, including the use of a registry.
  • Updated microdata namespace.
  • Matcher output in TTL.
  • Complete REXML and Nokogori proxies.
  • Added etc/registry.json as a copy of the registry used internally.
  • Update examples.
  • Parse with linkeddata options.
  • Use bundler for specs, if installed.
  • Always place md:item in a list.
  • Don't use nokogiri with jruby.
  • Depend on Nokogiri only for development.
  • Some examples.
  • Progress on separating HTML parsing to Nokogiri and REXML.
  • Sync with first HTML Data TF version of spec.
  • Recognize @datetime values with lexical form of xsd:duration and generate appropriately typed lite...
  • Generate lists for multi-valued properties.
  • Remove fallback_name and change fallback_type to current_type
  • Simplify generate_triples logic by removing old type and URI munging.



  • RDF.rb 0.3.4 compatibility.
  • Added format detection.


  • Fixed support for using the document base-uri to resolve relative URIs.


  • There is no longer any official way to generate RDF and use gem as an experimentation platform.
  • Use rdf_term-type property generation and remove option to set it.
  • Don't generate triple for html>head>title
  • @datetime values are scanned lexically to find appropriate datatype


  • Fixed ruby 1.8 regular expression bug.


  • Added :rdf_terms option to Reader to generate more RDF-friendly URIs from terms.


  • Fixed problem generating appropriate property URIs in Ruby 1.8.


  • Complete parser generates RDF.


  • Initial release