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  • LC version of HTML+RDFa
    • Remove support for @value
    • Prefer @content to @datetime


  • 1.0 release!


  • Change rdfa:Prototype/rdfa:ref to rdfa:Pattern/rdfa:copy. Feature now called Property Copying instead of Reference Folding. ### 0.3.19
  • Generate UnresolvedTerm and UnresolvedCURIE as indicated. UnresolvedCURIE only generated for SafeCURIEs.
  • Perform basic sanity checking before emitting triples. Validation is too strict for most usage.
  • Add HTML5 logic to remove unwanted @rel and @rev items.
  • Make reference folding standard, under option control.


  • Fixed additional incomplete-triples bug with typed resource
  • Added experimental support for rdfa:copy


  • Added rdfa:PrefixReDefinition warning.


  • Fix step 11 when there is @resource, @href and @src but not @rel or @rev to not also depend on the state of incomplete triples. This addresses an odd Drupal case.
  • respec shared examples updates to match rdf-spec 0.3.11 ### 0.3.15
  • Add support for @role attribute.
  • Processing defaults to HTML, rather than XML, unless XML is explicitly detected.
  • Process embedded RDF:XML, if RDF::RDFXML is loaded, and a RDF/XML is detected.
  • Process alternate readers where content is contained within a <script> tag, based on the @type attribute. This is commonly used for N-Triples and Turtle embedded in HTML.
  • If @itemscope detected, and RDF::Microdata is loaded, process embedded microdata.


  • Support for rdf:HTML literal.


  • Parse any include RDF/XML if RDF::RDFXML is available.
  • Add support for extracting RDF from <script> elements.
  • Places triples in a named graph if the script has an @id attribute.


  • Up to date with RDFa Proposed Recomendation versions of specs.
  • Fix problems with @resource=[] or @about=[], which should be ignored and use the next most appropriate attribute.
  • Remove support for @data, which was previously a synonym for @src in HTML5.
  • More robust detection of XHTML1 if version is rdfa1.0
  • Support change to remove @rel/@rev elements that aren't CURIES or IRIs when in the presense of @property

  • Fix case where @datatype and @property are present, but @datatype is empty. (TC 290)


  • Updated to Candidate Recommendation of drafts:
  • change profile to context to conform with change in use in RDFa 1.1.
  • Change :expand\_reader option to :vocab\_expansion, to conform with RDFa Core 1.1 definition.
  • Changed :processor\_graph to :processor\_callback and added :rdfagraph option, taking either or both of :output and :processor.
  • Better error recovery is there is no document root.
  • Updates to CURIE definition, Term resolution (use @vocab first), and Error/Warning generation in the processor graph.
  • rdfa:usesVocabulary changed to rdfa:hasVocabulary.
  • Tolerate errors in vocabulary download when missing.
  • Change SafeCURIEorCURIEorIRI to not include term.
  • Remove TERMorCURIEorAbsIRIprop, as it doesn't seem necessary.


  • Updated to latest working drafts:
  • In reader:
    • Don't default xhtml1 and rdfa1.1 in parser; depend on host_detect.
    • Use separate context documents for XML, XHTML and HTML.
    • Remove Facet gem, which was causing problems with Active Record.
    • Added full support for HTML5 <time> element.
    • Added support for HTML5 <data> element with @value attribute to create a plain literal with possible language.
    • Change vocabulary expansion rules to use OWL 2 RL entailment.
    • Terms can now include a '/', to allow for use with @vocab where the class/property is a relative IRI.
  • In writer:
    • Don't serialize using XHTML initial context, as it is not used universally.
    • Simplify Haml templates using latest RDFa attribute semantics


  • Remove hard dependency on Nokogiri. Use it if it is available, otherwise fallback to REXML.
    • JRuby uses REXML due to some implementation issues with the pure-java implementation of Nokogiri.
  • Support for RDF Lite 1.1
  • Add support for @property doing object references if used with @href/@src/@resource (but no @rel)
  • Add support for @property chaining if used with @typeof.
  • Change @typeof behavior to add type to object, not subject, unless used with @about.


  • RDF.rb 0.3.4 compatibility.
  • Changed @member to @inlist.
  • Added format detection.
  • Serialize lists.
  • Change @src to be like @resource for RDFa 1.1 (still like @about for RDFa 1.0).
  • Fix writer template issues with muti-valued properties


  • Sync with changes to RDFa 1.1 spec:
    • Deprecate explicit use of @profile
    • Add rdfa:hasVocabulary when encountering @vocab
    • Implemented Reader#expand to perform vocabulary expansion using RDFS rules 5, 7, 9 and 11.
    • Support for RDF collections (rdf:List) using @member attribute.
    • Implemented :expand option to reader, which allows normal use of reader interface without requiring the use of the #expand method.
    • Add caches for popular vocabularies to speed load time.
    • Add :vocabulary_profile as Reader option to allow for use of persistent vocabulary caches.
    • Performance improvements by evaluating debug statements in block only when debug enabled.


  • Updates to writer necessary for linter.
    • Support for type-specific templates and types matching a regular expression.
    • Allow #find-template to be overridden in subclasses.
  • In reader
    • Fix initialization bugs when passed an Nokogiri::XML::Document or Nokogiri::HTML::Document.
    • Fixed bug where @typeof was ignored in the root element.

  • Fix Writer output for multi-valued properties when there is no :property_values Haml template.
  • Simplify templates by using pre-rendered CURIEs.

  • Change built-in profiles to use alias_method_chain, as they were being removed from the cache.
  • Fixes to Writer template detection with type.


  • Add writer support for template selection based on subject type.

  • Minor update to rdfa-1-1 profile

  • In Reader:
    • Ensure that encoding is set to utf-8 if not specified.
    • Look for encoding from input and HTML meta tags.
    • Look for content-type from input and HTML meta tags.
    • Retrieve @xmlns, @xml:lang and @lang as attributes when doing HTML parsing.

  • Improve format detection.
  • Use HTML parser instead of XML if format is determined to be html4 or html5.


  • Major update to writer using Haml templates, rather than Nokogiri node creation.


  • Added RDFa Writer, to perform templated serialization of RDF content to RDFa.
    • Uses Haml to define default and minimal templates for RDFa serialization.
    • Allows templates to be specified on invocation, for arbitrary RDFa serialization.
  • Update to pre-LC2 drafts of RDFa
  • Add support for cached profiles, and include cached profiles for XML+RDFa and XHTML+RDFa.
    • Profiles are processed left to right
    • Detect 1.0 using @version
    • Automatically load profiles based on host language

  • Assert :html and xhtml as a format types (by creating RDF::RDFa::HTML/XHTML as a sub-class of Format that uses RDFa::Reader/Writer)
  • Added :svg format, image/svg+xml and .svg as looks for RDFa parser as well.


  • Bug fix relating to datatypes in literals being ignored.
  • Bug fix parsing non-RDFa profiles to ensure they don't cause processing to terminate (or recurse).


  • RDF.rb 0.3.0 compatibility updates
    • Remove literal_normalization and qname_hacks, add back uri_hacks (until 0.3.0)
    • URI canonicalization and validation.
    • Added :canonicalize, and :intern options.
    • Change :strict option to :validate.
    • Add check to ensure that predicates are not literals, it's not legal in any RDF variant.
    • Collect prefixes when extracting mappings.
  • Added :profile_repository option to RDF::RDFa::Reader.initialize. This MUST be an RDF::Repository and will be used to save profiles that are encountered.
    • Fixme, for now, retrieval should include HTTP headers and perform appropriate HTTP cache control and check for potential updates.
  • Update to 2010-10-26 LC version of RDFa Core 1.1
    • Deep processing of XMLLiterals
    • Case sensitive Terms
    • Updated processor graph vocabulary
    • Upgrade for changes to RDFa 1.1 test suite
    • Allow use of xml:base for non-HTML languages
    • XHTML has no default vocabulary.
    • No longer pass vocabularies, prefixes or terms when creating XMLLiterals. Only namespaces derived via xmlns are passed to Literal#typed.
  • Literal::XML
    • Add all in-scope namespaces, not just those that seem to be used.
  • RSpec 2 compatibility.


  • Ruby 1.9.2 compatibility
  • Added script/parse as command-line option for parsing files.
  • Add back support for RDFa 1.0 as well as RDFa 1.1. Parser checks @version to determine which
  • Update RDFa processing to WD-rdfa-core-20100803 semantics
    • Added Processor Graph and required output
    • Reverse order of processing profiles
    • Don't process element if any profile fails
    • XMLLiterals must be explicitly specified as @datatype
    • TERMorCURIEorAbsURI requires an absolute URI, not document relative
    • Extract a new default vocabulary from @profile.


  • Update for RDF 0.2.1


  • Updates for RDF 0.2.0
    • Use URI#intern instead of URI#new
    • Change use of Graph#predicates and Graph#objects to use as enumerables


  • Removed internal graph in Reader and implement each_triple & each_statement to perform parsing


  • Remove dependency on Namespace
  • Changed to RDF::RDFa, and moved files accordingly.
  • Added vocab definitions for RDA, XHV, XML, XSI and OWL


  • First port from RdfContext version 0.5.4
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