OpenURI::HTTPError: 406 Unacceptable #107

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Robino commented Mar 10, 2013

My code produces the error "OpenURI::HTTPError: 406 Unacceptable":

require 'rdf'
require 'linkeddata'
graph = RDF::Graph.load("")

But if I load another graph from "bestbuy" than "Elvis", now "Elvis" graph works without error:

require 'rdf'
require 'linkeddata'
graph = RDF::Graph.load("")
graph = RDF::Graph.load("")
=> >2000


gkellogg commented Mar 10, 2013

Seems like it could be a content-negotiation issue. I should probably update the default Accept header to include a low-priority /. I believe you can add accept headers in the graph.load; check options to Util::File#open_file.

I'll look at if further when I'm at a computer.

@ghost ghost assigned gkellogg Mar 10, 2013

Robino commented Mar 10, 2013


Yes you're right. I add in the file until/file.rb at the line 39 : "application/json" and it works fine now.
options[:headers]['Accept'] ||= {|r| r.format.content_type}.uniq.join(", ") + "application/json"

I check and by default using graph.load, formats accepted are : "application/n-triples, text/plain, text/x-nquads"
I know that my change is not good, but I don't know what to modify.


gkellogg commented Mar 10, 2013

I think the problem is that only returns loaded readers, and unless you've done something else, this won't include RDF::JSON. To solve your immediate problem, if you just access RDF::JSON::Reader when you start, that will be sure that reader is loaded, and cause it to add application/json to the Accept header.

I think the change probably needs to be the following:

options[:headers]['Accept'] ||=  RDF::Format.class_variable_get(:@@readers)

This is the only way to find the available readers, without loading them. It's probably worth defining a class method for this, and to find writer formats.

Also, this made me see that RDF::Format.reader_symbols ends up loading all readers, which is a bug.

gkellogg added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 20, 2013

Fixed Format.reader_symbols/writer_symbols to not load every reader/w…

Added Format.reader_types/writer_types to get content types associated with available readers/writers.
Update File.open_file to use Format.reader_types
Include */*;q=0.1 as catch-all in Accept header.
This addresses issue #107

@gkellogg gkellogg closed this Mar 23, 2013

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