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Algorithm Zone

How to join?

  1. Add your Github ID into in the following format:

    - <github-id> - @<slack-id>

    Since we're all on Slack, it would be great to have your slack ID added. But it's not a must.

  2. That's all. If you don't put your ID in this file. Your submissions won't be scored.

How we work?

  1. Each week, a moderator will be chosen to:
  • create three or two problems (can be taken from Leetcode, Timus, SPOJ or any competitive programing site).
  • categorize problems by levels
  • summarize output (solutions + code)
  • choose the new moderator
  1. The rest will have to:
  • submit code and peer-review (create a PR to this repo under algorithms/solutions/ folder)
  • only submit solution after 3 days, do not ask for solution before you show something to prove that you have done your homework
  • Follow the PR template and PR's title must have week <current_week> (we are using a tool source_collector, so please follow the pattern or your submission would be ignored, of course, you will be paid for that)
  • Exception: You could choose one of the following ways to do instead of doing algorithm homework:
    • Blogging (not trivial stuff, another members will evalulate that your blog is worth a replacement or not)
    • OSS (OpenSource contribution)
  1. For people who does not follow the rule, they will have to pay 200000 VND (or 10 USD) to the admin (using paypal). The penalty is for people who:
  • don't summit any solutions in one week OR
  • don't join any discussion
  1. The submissions will be scored as the summary of your solved problems: Easy = 1, Medium = 2, Hard = 4.


  • algorithm-hangout: general discussion for every technical things (algorithm, OS, FP..)
  • algorithm-output: discussion for homework only