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The official homepage of Ruby Vietnam
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The site is a static site hosted with Github Pages.

  • Content is in /pages as Haml templates
  • Styles are /stylesheets, compiled using compass

How to Contribute

Want to help? Sweet! We like help. Pull requests are very welcome. Here's how to get started:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Make some changes (see Build Instructions below)
  3. Push your changes to your fork
  4. Open a pull request

When you open a pull request, we'd appreciate if you follow some basic guidelines:

  • Describe what you're changing, and more importantly why you're changing it
  • Keep the pull request focused on one thing - if you make two different, unrelated changes, please separate them into two pull requests
  • Some pull requests won't get merged. All changes are reviewed by a committee member, and sometimes changes don't fit with the organisation's vision.

Build Instructions

Building and deploying the site is done via rake tasks:

  • rake build:all (aliased as default) compiles the site into /site
  • rake deploy copies the committed versions of all files in /site to the root of the gh-pages branch

There's a Guardfile, which makes development convenient - just run bundle exec guard to have it watch the pages and stylesheets, automatically rebuilding the site any time you save a file.

As a contributor, your workflow would look something like this:

# Assuming `upstream` is the name of the git remote for the official
# repository, and `origin` is your own fork.

# Make sure you're building on the most up-to-date version
git fetch upstream && git merge upstream/master
# Do some edits
# ...
# If you're not running guard, build the site
rake build:all
# Once you're happy, commit both the source files and the output:
git add pages/my-awesome-page.html.haml
git add site/my-awesome-page.html
git commit -m "Add an awesome page"
# Push your changes
git push origin master

Deploying (for maintainers)

NOTE make sure to have a local branch gh-pages tracking origin/gh-pages. This can be accomplished by git checkout gh-pages, which on recent versions of git will automatically setup a tracking branch if there's a remote branch of the same name.

As a maintainer, your deploy workflow will look something like this:

rake build:all
# Check for any changes in 'site'. If there are, read over them, and commit.
git add site
git commit -m "Committing changes to the generated site"
git push origin master

# Update the gh-pages branch and push to github
rake deploy

If there were changes in site, someone forgot to commit the generated output from a change they made, or they changed the output by hand. This is generally not a good situation, but mistakes happen...


Creative Commons License
Ruby Vietnam website by Ruby Vietnam is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.


Based on Ruby Australia static site at

Content licence

Content is Copyright 2014-2016 by Ruby Vietnam, All rights reserved.

Logotype licence

"Ruby Vietnam" 'Gem Dialogue' and Typographic logo are Copyright 2014-2016 by Ruby Vietnam, All rights reserved.

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