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module Risc
# SlotToReg moves data into a register from memory.
# RegToSlot moves data into memory from a register.
# Both use a base memory (a register)
# This is because that is what cpu's can do. In programming terms this would be accessing
# an element in an array, in the case of SlotToReg setting the value in the array.
# btw: to move data between registers, use Transfer
class SlotToReg < Getter
# Produce a SlotToReg instruction.
# Array is a register
# index may be a Symbol in which case is resolves with resolve_index.
# a new regsister will be created as the result, ie the reg part for slot_to_reg
def self.slot_to_reg( source , array , index )
raise "Register #{array}" if RegisterValue.look_like_reg(array.symbol)
new_name = "#{array.symbol}.#{index.to_s.downcase}".to_sym
index = array.resolve_index(index) if index.is_a?(Symbol)
if( index.is_a?(Integer))
type = array.type_at(index)
raise "must be integer index #{index}" unless == "Integer_Type"
type = Parfait.object_space.get_type_by_class_name(:Object)
new_name = "#{array.symbol}.indexed".to_sym
#puts "Slot for #{array.symbol}@ index #{index} is #{type}"
to = new_name , type ) source , array , index , to)