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module Risc
# Transfer the constents of one register to another.
# possibly called move in some cpus
# There are other instructions to move data from / to memory, namely SlotToReg and RegToSlot
# Get/Set Slot move data around in vm objects, but transfer moves the objects (in the machine)
# Also it is used for moving temorary data
class Transfer < Instruction
# initialize with from and to registers.
# First argument from
# second argument to
# Note: this may be reversed from some assembler notations (also arm)
def initialize( source , from , to )
@from = from
@to = to
raise "Fix me #{from}" unless from.is_a? RegisterValue
raise "Fix me #{to}" unless to.is_a? RegisterValue
attr_reader :from, :to
def to_s
class_source "#{from} -> #{to}"
def self.transfer( source , from , to) source , from , to)
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