A little fork of redmine the issue tracking system, for hosting bugs.ruby-lang.org projects.
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.github add horizontal rule to GitHub pull request template Jan 27, 2017
app Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.4-stable' into ro-3-4 Feb 26, 2018
bin svn propset svn:executable bin/ files Jan 18, 2015
config Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/3.4-stable' into ro-3-4 Feb 26, 2018
db/migrate New permission: view news (#7068). Jun 7, 2017
doc Merged r17162 to 3.4-stable. Jan 8, 2018
extra Merged r17170 from trunk to 3.4-stable (#27963). Jan 10, 2018
files trunk moved from /trunk/redmine to /trunk Dec 5, 2006
lib Merged r17162 to 3.4-stable. Jan 8, 2018
log add newline at end of log/delete.me (#24928) Jan 27, 2017
plugins update submodules Aug 18, 2017
public highlight code block in p tag Mar 21, 2018
script import script files from bugs.r-l.o Jul 10, 2017
test 3.4-stable: Too large avatar breaks gantt when assignee is a group (#… Feb 18, 2018
tmp add tmp/pdf directory (#12189) Oct 23, 2012
.gitignore Update gitignore for deployment Jul 10, 2017
.gitmodules To use https Jul 10, 2017
.hgignore Source: ignore .idea (#24523). Jan 15, 2017
Gemfile Merged r17116 from trunk to 3.4-stable (#27691) Dec 17, 2017
Gemfile.local To use Ruby 2.5 Dec 26, 2017
Gemfile.lock update bundles Mar 21, 2018
Procfile Added release phase for heroku deployment, It invokes db:migrate Jul 10, 2017
README.rdoc Typo Nov 19, 2011
Rakefile Merged rails-3.2 branch. Apr 25, 2012
appveyor.yml show Windows code page on appveyor Apr 6, 2017
config.ru Protect attacker on rack layer Jul 10, 2017



Redmine is a flexible project management web application written using Ruby on Rails framework.

More details can be found in the doc directory or on the official website www.redmine.org