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@st0012 st0012 released this 07 Mar 02:15
· 25 commits to master since this release


  • The help command now displays a help message directly, instead of opening a ri console.
  • You can now get detailed usage information for specific commands by using help <cmd>. Commands that currently support detailed help messages include:
    • show_source
    • show_doc
    • edit
    • ls
    • We welcome contributions to expand this list!
  • The show_source command can now display methods defined during the IRB session.
  • In irb:rdbg sessions, simply hitting <enter> will now repeat the last command, mirroring the behavior in rdbg sessions.
  • IRB now supports loading .irbrc from multiple locations. This means that for most users, ~/.irbrc will also be loaded when a project/.irbrc is defined.

What's Changed

✨ Enhancements

  • Introduce exit! command by @ignacio-chiazzo in #851
  • Powerup show_source by enabling RubyVM.keep_script_lines by @tompng in #862
  • Repurpose the help command to display the help message by @st0012 in #872
  • Support repeating debugger input by passing empty input to it by @st0012 in #856
  • Revamp help command by @st0012 in #877
  • Add help messages to show_source and show_doc commands by @st0012 in #887
  • Restructure workspace management by @st0012 in #888
  • Allow loading multiple irb files by @hahmed in #859

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix SourceFinder's constant evaluation issue by @st0012 in #869
  • Improve constant lookup in SourceFinder by @tompng in #871
  • Fix irb:rdbg for ruby head by @st0012 in #876

🛠 Other Changes

  • Polish the exit! command and its tests by @st0012 in #867
  • Fix exit! command warning and method behavior by @tompng in #868
  • Refactor eval_path and SourceFinder::Source by @st0012 in #870
  • Update error message assertions for Ruby 3.4 by @st0012 in #874
  • Standardize command related names by @st0012 in #873
  • Load RubyGems explicitly for tests of test/irb by @hsbt in #879
  • Invalid encoding symbols now raise SyntaxError in 3.4 by @nobu in #880
  • Remove IRB::NotImplementedError by @tompng in #878
  • Unroll extension method generation by @st0012 in #882
  • Turn on frozen literal in files by @st0012 in #881
  • Remove remaining frozen_string_literal: false in lib/ by @tompng in #883
  • Remove workaround for empty lines in dynamic_prompt by @tompng in #884
  • Remove useless loaded file check by @tompng in #885
  • Refactor IRB::Context#prompting by @st0012 in #889
  • Escape closing square brackets in regexp by @peterzhu2118 in #892
  • Prevent irb_history's creation during HistoryTest by @st0012 in #893
  • Clear temporary directories by @nobu in #894
  • Bump version to v1.12.0 by @st0012 in #895

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.11.2...v1.12.0