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== Installation
-* sudo port install libyaml +universal
-* sudo
+Psych has been included with MRI since 1.9.2,
+and is the fault YAML parser in 1.9.3.
+If you want a newer gem release of Psych, you can use rubygems:
+ gem install psych
+In order to use the gem release in your app,
+and not the stdlib version, you'll need the following:
+ gem 'psych'
+ require 'psych'
+Or if you use Bundler add this to your +Gemfile+:
+ gem 'psych'
+JRuby ships with a pure Java implementation of Psych.
+If you're on Rubinius, Psych is available in 1.9 mode, please refer to the
+{Rubinius Documentation}[] for more
+information on building and 1.9 mode.
== License

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