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# etc.rd - -*- mode: rd; coding: us-ascii -*- created at: Fri Jul 14 00:47:15 JST 1995
= Etc(Module)
The module to retrieve information from running OS. All operations
defined in this module are module functions, so that you can include
Etc module into your class.
== Module Function
--- getlogin
returns login name of the user. It this fails, try getpwuid().
--- getpwnam(name)
searches in /etc/passwd file (or equivalent database), and
returns password entry for the user. The return value is an
passwd structure, which has members described below.
struct passwd
name # user name(string)
passwd # encrypted password(string)
uid # user ID(integer)
gid # group ID(integer)
gecos # gecos field(string)
dir # home directory(string)
shell # login shell(string)
# members below are optional
change # password change time(integer)
quota # quota value(integer)
age # password age(integer)
class # user access class(string)
comment # comment(string)
expire # account expiration time(integer)
See getpwnam(3) for detail.
--- getpwuid([uid])
returns passwd entry for the specified user id. If uid is
ommitted, use the value from getuid(). See getpwuid(3) for
--- getgrgid(gid)
searches in /etc/group file (or equivalent database), and
returns group entry for the group id. The return value is an
group structure, which has members described below.
struct group
name # group name(string)
passwd # group password(string)
gid # group ID(integer)
mem # array of the group member names
See getgrgid(3) for detail.
--- getgrnam(name)
returns the group entry for the specified name. The return
value is the group structure. See getgrnam(3) for detail.
--- group
iterates over all group entries.
--- passwd
iterates over all passwd entries.
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