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Language Spec.
* package or access control for global variables
* named arguments like foo(nation:="german").
* multiple return values, yield values. maybe imcompatible
Hacking Interpreter
* non-blocking open (e.g. named pipe) for thread
* avoid blocking with gethostbyname/gethostbyaddr
* objectify interpreters
* remove rb_eval() recursions
* syntax tree -> bytecode ???
* scrambled script, or script filter
* regular expression bug /(?:\s+\d+){2}/ URGENT!!
Extension Libraries
* mod_ruby, FastCGI ruby
* InterBase module
* ptk.rb pTk wrapper that is compatible to tk.rb
Ruby Libraries
* CGI.rb
* httplib.rb, urllib.rb, nttplib.rb, etc.
* format like perl's
* extension library maker like XS or SWIG
* freeze or undump to bundle everything
* translate README.EXT fully into English
* publish Ruby books
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