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transcode_data.h -
created at: Mon 10 Dec 2007 14:01:47 JST 2007
Copyright (C) 2007 Martin Duerst
#include "ruby/ruby.h"
typedef unsigned char base_element;
typedef struct byte_lookup {
const base_element *base;
const struct byte_lookup *const *info;
#ifndef PType
/* data file needs to treat this as a pointer, to remove warnings */
#define PType (const BYTE_LOOKUP *)
#define NOMAP (PType 0x01) /* single byte direct map */
#define ONEbt (0x02) /* one byte payload */
#define TWObt (0x03) /* two bytes payload */
#define THREEbt (0x05) /* three bytes payload */
#define FOURbt (0x06) /* four bytes payload, UTF-8 only, macros start at getBT0 */
#define INVALID (PType 0x07) /* invalid byte sequence */
#define UNDEF (PType 0x09) /* legal but undefined */
#define ZERObt (PType 0x0A) /* zero bytes of payload, i.e. remove */
#define FUNii (PType 0x0B) /* function from info to info */
#define FUNsi (PType 0x0D) /* function from start to info */
#define FUNio (PType 0x0E) /* function from info to output */
#define FUNso (PType 0x0F) /* function from start to output */
#define o1(b1) (PType((((unsigned char)(b1))<<8)|ONEbt))
#define o2(b1,b2) (PType((((unsigned char)(b1))<<8)|(((unsigned char)(b2))<<16)|TWObt))
#define o3(b1,b2,b3) (PType((((unsigned char)(b1))<<8)|(((unsigned char)(b2))<<16)|(((unsigned char)(b3))<<24)|THREEbt))
#define o4(b0,b1,b2,b3) (PType((((unsigned char)(b1))<< 8)|(((unsigned char)(b2))<<16)|(((unsigned char)(b3))<<24)|((((unsigned char)(b0))&0x07)<<5)|FOURbt))
#define getBT1(a) (((a)>> 8)&0xFF)
#define getBT2(a) (((a)>>16)&0xFF)
#define getBT3(a) (((a)>>24)&0xFF)
#define getBT0(a) ((((a)>> 5)&0x07)|0xF0) /* for UTF-8 only!!! */
#define o2FUNii(b1,b2) (PType((((unsigned char)(b1))<<8)|(((unsigned char)(b2))<<16)|FUNii))
/* do we need these??? maybe not, can be done with simple tables */
#define ONETRAIL /* legal but undefined if one more trailing UTF-8 */
#define TWOTRAIL /* legal but undefined if two more trailing UTF-8 */
#define THREETRAIL /* legal but undefined if three more trailing UTF-8 */
/* dynamic structure, one per conversion (similar to iconv_t) */
/* may carry conversion state (e.g. for iso-2022-jp) */
typedef struct rb_transcoding {
const struct rb_transcoder *transcoder;
VALUE ruby_string_dest; /* the String used as the conversion destination,
or NULL if something else is being converted */
unsigned char *(*flush_func)(struct rb_transcoding*, int, int);
} rb_transcoding;
/* static structure, one per supported encoding pair */
typedef struct rb_transcoder {
const char *from_encoding;
const char *to_encoding;
const BYTE_LOOKUP *conv_tree_start;
int max_output;
int from_utf8;
void (*preprocessor)(unsigned char**, unsigned char**, unsigned char*, unsigned char*, struct rb_transcoding *);
void (*postprocessor)(unsigned char**, unsigned char**, unsigned char*, unsigned char*, struct rb_transcoding *);
VALUE (*func_ii)(VALUE); /* info -> info */
VALUE (*func_si)(const unsigned char *); /* start -> info */
int (*func_io)(VALUE, const unsigned char*); /* info -> output */
int (*func_so)(const unsigned char*, unsigned char*); /* start -> output */
} rb_transcoder;
void rb_declare_transcoder(const char *enc1, const char *enc2, const char *lib);
void rb_register_transcoder(const rb_transcoder *);
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