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debug.h - YARV Debug function interface
created at: 04/08/25 02:33:49 JST
Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Koichi Sasada
#ifndef RUBY_DEBUG_H
#define RUBY_DEBUG_H
#include "ruby/ruby.h"
#include "node.h"
#define dpv(h,v) ruby_debug_print_value(-1, 0, h, v)
#define dp(v) ruby_debug_print_value(-1, 0, "", v)
#define dpi(i) ruby_debug_print_id(-1, 0, "", i)
#define dpn(n) ruby_debug_print_node(-1, 0, "", n)
#define bp() ruby_debug_breakpoint()
VALUE ruby_debug_print_value(int level, int debug_level, const char *header, VALUE v);
ID ruby_debug_print_id(int level, int debug_level, const char *header, ID id);
NODE *ruby_debug_print_node(int level, int debug_level, const char *header, const NODE *node);
int ruby_debug_print_indent(int level, int debug_level, int indent_level);
void ruby_debug_breakpoint(void);
void ruby_debug_gc_check_func(void);
void ruby_set_debug_option(const char *str);
#endif /* RUBY_DEBUG_H */
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